About Sheila

Smart. My parents told their friends that.

Spoiled. My older brother’s opinion.

Tenacious. In a reference letter from a college teacher. I had to look it up in the dictionary.

Honest. Well, not at first. I learned this one the hard way.

Kind. My husband and his dog taught me this—the most important lesson ever.

Sarcastic. I had to let this go due to kindness.

Intuitive. Not the extra sensory kind, but enough to make my way around.

Funny. Sometimes.

Patient. My kids will thank me for this one day.

Organized. More than most but with some challenges.

Logical. I wish more people were.

Helpful. Inspiration comes from within.

Creative. Who said patient? Let’s get started.

Sheila Cameron Editor Author Gibsons BC

I am a professional editor, writer, speaker and homeschool mum living on the west coast of British Columbia. I am passionate about raising our collective human consciousness.