Gratitude – and a Free eBook

I feel blessed in several ways as I try to navigate the turbid waters of writing and publishing. I have access to research through books, dictionaries, or using the library as a resource of resources to learn what I need to learn. If I need more help, I can go to school and take courses for just about anything. Nowadays all of those courses and resources are available online so I can access them right at my seat from breakfast until bedtime. And to really immerse myself in learning, I can attend any number of conferences.

But probably the best way of learning anything is to try it. So it is to my husband, Mark, where I am directing most of my gratitude right now. Because he is out there trying it. He wrote the book. He produced it. He has spoken about it all over the province. And he is taking risks to figure out how to best promote it. All of these actions are inspiring to me. They are showing me the way.

His latest action is a win-win for anyone with a Kindle device, because Goodnight Sunshine is available for FREE as an e-book on Kindle until August 14, 2016.┬áKindle users who download the e-book now will get a great read for free … and Mark’s learning will help me and other writers too.

Thank you Mark!

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